Monday, December 15, 2014

Eddie Jefferson Concert

Two months ago, I learned about the late, great Eddie Jefferson. 

What a singer? He is known as the father of vocalese. He could take any instrumental tune and imitate the sounds of the instruments with words or scatting. Listening to him sing is an earful. He definitely has an interestingly, different sound worth listening to. And so, I have been listening. I also enjoy viewing performances and am excited to be watching one of his performances on DVD.

What is interesting about this concert is that it was recorded exactly six months after I was born which was also his last performance before his tragic death only two days later. The performance was recorded at Joe Segal's Jazz Showcase in Chicago in 1979 and featured Richie Cole on saxophone, John Campbell on piano, Kelly Sill on bass, Joel Spencer on drums and Jefferson on vocals. 

I am enjoying watching how he graces the stage while interacting with his musicians and audience. He is so free with the words he sings and has a wonderful approach. Though it is almost 36years after this concert was performed, it is still relevant and just in time for someone like me who just recently started singing jazz more frequently and am always seeking direction and inspiration. Jefferson is a great singer to listen to and learn from. This would definitely be a great gift for that songbird in your life. 

Disclaimer: I am not a distributor or seller of this product. I will not be given compensation for discussing this program. I am a music enthusiast and am sharing the information for others who might be interested in obtaining it for their own personal viewing. 

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