Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Gift of Good Samiritanism

Most musicians on their birthday, find pleasantries in sharing moments with family, friends, loved ones and perhaps, enjoying live music. 

Dinner and Carvel ice cream cake or a dance party with a live band. Or maybe drinks with friends. Maybe a day of fasting with your loved ones. Not such bad ideas as ways of celebrating life. But for saxophonist Alvin Rogers, his day of celebrating life became more of a day of good samaritanism. 

Nobody likes losing their personal belongings; especially when it is a wallet stuffed with dollars, expensive train tickets, credit cards and other important items.  That's what happened to Martin Luettgersheiden on the morning of February 28th, 2015. 

Luettgersheiden is a data scientist who came to New York City from Germany and has been living in Harlem for the past seven months. He never thought that of all days, what could have been one of the worse days of his life became "his lucky day."

While walking along Frederick Douglass, Luettgersheiden unknowingly dropped his wallet. Rogers, a Harlem native, on his way to his first scheduled meeting at Jazz Mobile discovered it. What do you do when finding money on the street? Do you spend it? Not Rogers; he picked it up and called him within minutes. 

"I wouldn't even have realized I lost it" said Luettgersheiden. With his wife being pregnant with their first baby on the way, who could afford to come into misfortune at a time like this? 

With good samaritans in New York City like Rogers, it makes you feel good about society. What is better than a birthday gift to receive joy from someone else because of what you were able to do for them? Great to know that there are truly decent individuals in the big apple who are "glad to do whatever they can to put a smile on somebody else's face."