Sunday, May 3, 2015

Coming out of Spring

Been waiting for this moment for a while now; Spring!
Spring’s first day was March 20th and it seems like it took about a month and a half worth of days after that date for the warmth to settle in. Not quite sure if I am ready to put the winter clothes away and to bring out the warmer weather attire but here are a few things that you will definitely see coming out in the next few days:

God’s natural beauties will definitely peak their heads out of the soil and soon will stand tall to the sun. It is that time.
Pulchritude will be all around us soon, showing us their fabulousness and sharing with us an essence of their awesome fragrance. Coming soon to a garden near you! 


Arms and Legs

The arms and the legs will come out from the wool turtlenecks, tights, bubble jackets, etc,  and soon you will see folks wearing short sleeves, shorts, and skirts with no jackets.
That is, if you have not seen this already. Which means; it is time to unpack the seasonal gear, see what fits, see what doesn’t and also, take advantage of some of those approaching semi-annual, friends and family sales and etc.

Maybe this is the time to consider giving into the Salvation Army when they leave their flyers for clothing pick up. Spring is definitely a time to part with the old and to enter in with the new. They do not call it spring cleaning for nothing!  
Summer is coming. Spring may also be the time to possibly take part in some group exercises at your local gym or to go on-line and discover some fitness challenges you can do in the comfort of your own home like this one; the 30-day squat challenge.  Every day for the month of may, a different challenge or amount of squats to do.
I mean, we will be wearing bathing suits soon. Why not tighten and tone in preparation for it?

Tourists from everywhere will be in all corners of your oasis looking for fantastic new things to see. More traffic on the roads and more pedestrians walking around in the streets who may stop you and ask for directions. 

Maybe one of the things they twill find pleasure in partaking in is seeing the pilgrims come out to greet and celebrate the warm weather on the corner of Wall Street and Broad Street. You’ll hear them drumming. You’ll see crowds gathered as the heat sizzles. Not a bad way to spend lunchtime in New York. 


As the trees regain their strength, or rather, their leaves, the allergies will become the problems at hand. 
But don’t settle for the issues; instead, grab a tissue to deal with the associated nasal drip that comes with allergies during the dreadful pollen season we all know and love. 
You might see Hudson Allergy walking around the area handing out packets of tissue and with excitement, you can tell your friends that you #foundthebox

These are just some things you might definitely see or won’t see. But whatever you do see, feel free to smile about it. This is the season of newness, positive outlooks. I look forward to seeing yours and sharing a smile back at you, if we should cross paths.
And to end my post, I'd like to leave you with a popular phrase from the allergy season of spring: God bless you!

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