Thursday, September 24, 2015

Driving in Cars With Bikes

Driving in Cars With Bikes
By Stephanie Jeannot

You'd probably never expect a person with a heavy foot to agree with the 25mph speeding limit in NYC. But I do for a few reasons. 

I look at myself as a pedestrian against traffic and it's always my time to cross whether the light is green or not. When you are driving fast, you might not see the crazily camouflaged person in all black, crossing the street in the darkness of night. We tend to drive faster at night because we are less likely to get caught by traffic cops, or so they say.

The other reason; I think I witnessed about five bikes being hit by cars. One man in midtown got hit by a Charter bus after the light turned green for downtown bound traffic and trying to rush before the moving vehicles on busy 5th Avenue, picked up his bike and kept riding. One young boy was pulled underneath a bus in Brooklyn while the bus was turning onto a major road and the young boy was trying to ride ahead without paying attention to what was going on. One I foresaw because I never imagined seeing a bike on the FDR but then there were two and about a mile after I saw them riding, I saw the driver of a beautiful car pulled over and the bicyclist on the ground. One I saw swerving from side to side and then hit on the side and tossed off his bike and one not watching the traffic lights got hit by an oncoming car crossing the intersection.

It's odd but I never believed that bicyclists were supposed to follow the rules of the road until I took my permit test and was shy of one question which was about traffic laws and bikers. I hardly ever saw them stop for red lights or stop signs. Was I missing something? 

Often times bikers think they are invincible acrobats. How can you compete with them if you are flying down the road and the cyclists are doing flips and cartwheels while cycling with cars? 

I fear riding bikes because I am a NYC driver and am a little disturbed that I might never be gutsy enough to take part in the new rider share programs that have come to Bedstuy, Brooklyn.  But for those who do ride bikes, God bless you. Drivers; let's keep them in mind while driving because we should be sharing the road. But keep us drivers in mind too. You are riding in traffic with cars. Let's keep the roads safe and the circus tricks not in heavy traffic. Sharing the road the right way could be truly beneficial for all! Just wait, you'll see.