Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Bad Neighbors, Fate & Leaky Windows: A Poem

Bad Neighbors, Fate & Leaky Windows: 
A Poem 
by Stephanie Jeannot

Leaked through the window
of the cage he was born to live in
as a citizen of the zoo
he had been loosed into
when having to learn to use
his breathing apparatuses on his own
like he was marionetted to do
by the ones who caused the reason for this tune.

Like an animal he had been trained
to listen or to be shamed
for with the power that they obtained
they could simply put out that flame
that had been lit when he was made
by made I mean fate tamed
for bad neighbors need someone to blame
when your window leaks leave stains.

Consequence is the idea
that makes you run for cover in your circumstance.
For without dashing from your neighbor, there’s no chance
of survival in this song and dance.
And though unleashing truths seemed the only way
bold moves of making folks know more than they should, seemed brave
and now you have this ill-fame;
for when people know too much, this reputation you claim.

Hero or villain?
Praise him or kill him?
You’re being fleshed out wherever you are.
Chasers of the next story making you a star;
But still you deserve your privacy.
Being in that cage sparked this curiosity,
“Why can’t I be me without you seeing me?”
Doubts springing up like the water springs of China.
Running from your neighbors; Oh! Now you are a traitor.

Driving some mad; but, not me!
Truth should be known when there’s opportunity.
 The public at large, with all eyes on us!
Your bold moves are causing all this mistrust.
Consequence of law would have your fate, in cages for life.
My young man said he’d visit you in that zoo and the dinosaurs nearby.
I say keep running and leave the zetabytes of things you have behind
You singled out my attention and now you are on my mind.

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