Wednesday, January 27, 2016


It is one thing to read about or to see antiquated images of machines used in the jazz olden days but it is something else to look at it before your eyes and to actually see in person, that actual thing jazz greats spoke about.

What I'm speaking of? One of the many phonographs by the Victor Talking Machine Co known as a Victrola. 

Beautiful is the large external horn and the wood-based, standing cabinet that makes this gramophone perfect to sit as a centerpiece on a table in a living room. The Victrola was the most popular of phonographs. What a machine and what a great collection of music it must have played in its day. Can you imagine, first cuts by Sarah Vaughan and Dizzy Gillespie? Wow! 

Seeing a Victrola made me envision black and white frames with jazz swing dancers all around doing the jitterbug, from wall to wall, to a jazz orchestra all in tuxedos and a jazz diva with a fancy hat, white fur lined gloves and a long, fancy gown, singing with all the emotion and sassiness she had. 

What a history! What a culture! What music! 

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