Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Consciousness Unchained

Consciousness Unchained By Stephanie Jeannot (C) 2016

 “The ability of a story (prose and poetry) to transform the storyteller

and the listener into something or someone else is shamanistic.

The writer, as a shape-changer, is a nahual, a shaman” (Anzaldua).


Art can be compared to stories passed down through culture. One listens to oral histories, picturesque and all, shared by elders and feels the magic of the words being said, but may not be able to experience the true nature of the culture, unless fully immersing into the illusion and going beyond the borders of awareness to know more.
We can hear the most vivid accounts of the beauty of a land, but never gain the true essence of it while being alien to the realness of it all. One can only go through the metamorphosis by discovering their own truth. Knowledge paints a different image in technicolor, that changes the face of everything.

Language is a wing of freedom and with it you are a warrior on the field. To have access to freedom of speech for some is like a death wish because anything you say can be used against you and cause the complete annihilation of your existence. What future generation can come from that to tell the story? The knowledge of your history then remains unforetold. The story is never relayed and the truth about the root cause of the now is never revealed.
 Consciousness, however, has no race, creed or color. Everyone has access to it if they submit to the truth that has always been rooted in the garden, unchained. Consciousness brings you back to Eden where it all began and makes you fly to new realms of understanding.
Your tongue becomes your weapon and your verbiage, the bullets. If “books are brave utensils,” then retelling of a historiography, in your own casual and unique way, like a shaman with your palms beating into hand-made drums will be effective (Shakespeare). The overcoming of silence is how you exhibit the end of torment, the beginning of hope and your rainbow of hypnotic words for a blank page.  

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