Thursday, February 4, 2016

Crushing Your Royal 'Scape: A Love Letter (Poem)

Crushing Your Royal 'Scape:
                    A Love Letter (Poem)
by Stephanie Jeannot (c)

I have taken a dependency on your words.
They fashion my life.
De riguer of my world.
They liberate my mind.
My days would be ameliorated
if I could power my sails to your safe harbor.
A conquistador I’d become crushing your royal ‘scape
If you allow me to conquer your heart.
The realm of power to commence
if only I’d land in your mind
and you’d chose the better, discovering this queen
and love for we furnishes your design.
A surrender of respect and time we’d trade
in the depths of this irony.
A happy lot of what has yet to arrive
vividly soothes me.
So delicately put together
is this dream that has encountered my cart.
From a great and loving distance
we live this life apart.
But to abandon your kingdom and steward your ship
to the islands of you and me in more than just a dream;
I could only imagine wading in your water
and drowning in your tranquility.


 Disclosure:  This contribution to the blogging world was made possible by a writing prompt by MamaKat


  1. Wow! To be desired like that is the ultimate dream right? Beautifully written!

    1. When I read that one of your writing prompts was to write a love poem, I thought that it would make a great poem. Thanks for the prompt and for helping me to exercise my writing skills. I really love that. So helpful;!