Sunday, March 6, 2016

The Seasons of Our Love Story

The Seasons of Our Love Story
by Stephanie Jeannot (c) 2016

Collage by Melodiaz Creations

The sound of his trumpet dawned into my day like the sparkle of the morning sun of spring, in full armor. He had the humble gait of a quality man and a sterling character; a knight under a morion. His sternum was as firm as the bark of an oak tree. His pomp affected my galaxy. His style of humor was amazing. Emotions blossomed through our conversation and that was the moment when I realized I needed to be a part of his earth.

He was blessed with mental endowments that tickled my every orifice. Beautiful were his luminous theories about life. He embraced each new idea with stoic calm and had this undeniable uniqueness that was so charming, anyone who graced his presence could easily be esteemed dearly by it. He bolstered influence and so much on me that I started yearning for the glow of his authority in my life.

I was so tempted to navigate his sea as were my rapacious opponents focusing their interest in his direction. Yet despite the parts of me that needed correcting coupled with all the broads trying to Noble block, he still decided to wrap his chivalry around me and I became the lady of his thoughts. I attracted the intimacy of our climates and as one, we began striding forward like a carnival of flames; Hot; on the path of progress together.

Artwork by Ricardo Jean

And the story continued rapidly. We propelled forward with little resistance to the wades of shallow water and so desirous of his song and dance, I plunge right in to the bosom of his ocean. I was deeply moved and inspired when he added my lyric to his diurnal rhythm. In the essence of our adventure, he never failed to continue on in his noble ways and honored me as his Queen. We dueted together like Bill and Claire Huxtable. He was always treating me to cookery of the finest foods of his preparing and putting his foot in it. Flowers regularly ringed my door fashioned in the sexiest vase. 

Walks through the park became our thing and we remained a constant. He refreshed my weary body of water that had been flowing melodiously all these years unceasingly. His words like herbage to my hungry heart. We were like peas in a pod. We rolled like birds of a feather. And so became the penetralia of our summer romance. I thanked God for his viscera acknowledging his earthly matter as a gift because even in our declivities, he remained regal. It was such a beautiful thing.That is until the night of our fall, when everything changed. 

Photo captured by Stephanie Jeannot

It seemed so out of place when I was met with his explosive temper that fell deep on my ears like the thump of a bass string. Was I breathing in a nightmare or was this reality in full effect? He was behaving so strangely.  Things started getting cold and our union was crippled by anger. All the intelligent energy I was once magnetized by suddenly released its grasp. Our ongoing love story became a paragraph of doubt and questions. The sweet light of us, was being taken over by darkness. Call it a twist of fortune or flagrant dishonor. He started inculcating ideas my way about whom I was and who I wasn’t. Blaming! Accusing! Cursing! Making bold as brass statements I never expected from him. He acted almost like a bully sneering at a canaille with a gee whiz attitude. Tears beyond my control dampened the atmosphere. Our bond was suddenly in jeopardy and our relations ended in crass ignorance; a life altering wrinkle in time that I will never forget.

I walked out of the mess with a bruised heart after I found out that he was not the man that he purported himself to be. The moon, with its faint light, escorted me out of the duet and solo I left him with the pieces of my heart scattering the terraqueous globe. He is the threshold of my past; a past that left my museum of a mind embedded with a gallery of pictures. He was the spice that made my life savory and without him, I became bland. But that was only a portion of my quarto that dusked into the end of that chapter of my life like the shadow of the winter night moon. As they say, seasons change! And so begins a new chapter. 

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