Friday, March 4, 2016

What is Jass? (A Poem)

“A succinct definition of jazz cannot be given as jazz is a musical language. 
A language cannot be defined and what it communicates 
will depend on what the listener knows of its form” 
(Harry Pfeiff).

What is Jass?
by Stephanie Jeannot (c) 2016

What Is jazz? 
What is jass?
Who are the jazz kats? 
Who are the jasses?
What card am I in the game? 
The jack of all spades?
Or the jazz of all clubs? 
Is it music that you can love?
How potent is its force?
 Definitely a topic worth true discourse?
Is language a law? 
Must music be 4:4?
What is its politic? 
Why must it have been chivalric?
To have been considered serious, 
as opposed to primitive nonsense?
Jazz is definitely a tool of thought. 
A language with a pulse.
An identity established through song. 
People of color’s emotive ding dong.
But what is jazz? 
A music? A weapon?
Historians, please come out 
and share with us, this lesson.
A rhetorical question I guess 
with no meaning to express.

What it is? 
So how can you tell me what it isn’t? 

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