Thursday, April 7, 2016

E & F is for Eleanora Fagan, Happy 101st Birthday

Lady Day, born as Eleanora Fagan, better known as Billie Holiday was born on this date in April, 1915. 101 years later, her music and life is still celebrated as one of the best examples of true jazz singing.

Life is beautiful when you can let go of the drama of the day by listening to a song she penned like, "God Bless the Child."

Lady Day once said that when she sang, she would let her voice out in the way that she thought Louis Armstrong would. Another influence of hers was Bessie Smith; but in all truth, her style is unlike any other singer then and even until today. This is most likely the reason why she has influenced so many artists since she started changing the face of music while singing with Lester Young and other jazz Katz in the Jim Crow of the United States. Her appeal was as unforgettable as the gardenia in her hair. And the more I hear her voice, the more I love her approach. 

Happy birthday to the beautifully talented Billie Holiday. SIP! 

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