Saturday, April 23, 2016

L is for "Look Out Positivity! (A Poem)"

Look Out Positivity! 
(A Poem)
by Stephanie Jeannot

Like a breath of fresh air
you take in after a long week inside the office,
you step out to exhale;
Yes, It’s the weekend!
Yes! It’s the season of blessings 
that I knew was coming.
So let’s get on with it; doubting not even one bit
Singing paeans of gratitude 
and feeling inspired and renewed
because I’m in the midst of the weekend;
a healing for the week that had me wounded
and here I am flowing with this natural rhythm,
overflowing with happiness;
wrapping my ideas around my increase

Again! A yes I release 
because I can say that the sun is within me.
Such a hard mask to contain
when from negative thoughts I abstain
because I realize that good things 
happen when faith is alive.
So good that I’m flapping my wings 
and attaching myself to the sky.
So thankful to be graced with another second of life.
So blessed to know that victory is mine.
So good to be amidst this moment in time
and to know that this day God made, is for smiles.
So to rewind and retry all the falls 
that for which youth was my alibi,
I have come to decide to let them ride
Especially since I know like wine 
I age fine and out loud.
And all that truly counts is the matter of facts of the now. 

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