Sunday, June 5, 2016

Driving Wild Poking

What is it that pokes at you? For me it is the road. I am an angry driver. I hate traffic and I can’t stand getting on the road with inconsiderate drivers who only think about themselves when they start cruising down 50 mile-hour roads at 100 speed without care of how close they are to the cars they are dipping and diving in front of just to profile on the road.  

I will admit, I might be one of those people lightning bolting it but most likely it would be because I would be 30 minutes away from a job that requires my presence in 15 and I plan on making it. Thank God that the only sirens I heard were of the roaring winds rapping at my window.

But this story is not about my crazy, mixed-up ways on the road.  Like I told you, I experience road rage every day. I do not know how to avoid it and it seems to get me every time. Music soothes it a little bit but when a driver just cuts me off without even signaling, all my loud, behind closed window singing comes to a halt and I’m all ready to curse, honk my horns like a wild woman and start world war III. But my road rage is not only about the driving styles, it also has to do with texting and driving.

How is it possible. I mean, I am such a clumsy person that trying to just balance myself is often a calamity. But to juggle driving, paying attention to the road and to the video that your cousin just posted on snapchat with the phone in your hand; how is it possible? I’ll admit, I apply makeup at the lights. But once the light turns green, I’m gunning down the road. But I don't do it while my foot is on the gas. 

I’m thinking about all the times I had to suddenly brake quickly because of something on the road that needed my immediate attention. How is that possible when a driver is not focused? Can you actually see bikers who care nothing about traffic laws, lights or signs and just cut in front of you without fear that they might get hit? Sometimes I see these things and as a driver, am left bathing in a sea of confusion.
Before your next log-on, which is always because you are always on, even while driving along with the other crazy texting or on Facebook drivers who are poking their fingers at the keyboard or touchscreens, consider how you as a driver feels when there is traffic for silly reasons. What do I mean by silly? As silly as doing an instant on-line video of your speeding and the accident you just caused is also recorded. When you are in I-mode, your eyes are on nothing else but I and not on the real world. Pay attention!  Acknowledge that these gadgets that we are poking at while sharing the road with other motorists are causing drivers to not communicate with each other while on the road.

Don’t you just hate stupid lane closures that cause a lot of traffic for stupid reasons like your eyes and the driver next to you’s eyes are on the Instagram which disabled you from seeing that bicyclist who thought that the bike lanes were not enough and decided to get on the highway with his bike that has a large baby seat carriage in the front while also texting. What the heck? Why were you poking with your head down looking at the screen and not peeking at your peripheral view? 

Only someone who has a living memory of this picture can give a brief account and recreate it the mind of another. You know darn well, you tried to envision it! Let's band together for safer roads. Put your phone down and drive with your "I" on the road. 


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