Thursday, June 2, 2016

Puzzling to Finally!

Life can be a labyrinth if you approach it with a closed mind and only see delusions of grandeur that can leave you nudging through it grumpily. If you think that anything you want is attainable, be happy to own that small ray of hope. The hope that you possess may not only impact millions of people but may also influence others because your “never give up” attitude shines through.

The unforeseen interruptions, like a puzzle that you are seeking to find the end to, keep you from escaping the gate to nirvana. You should know that just going with the flow of life however without believing in that imagined dream of conquering heaven is a risk that you take on not dabbling into joy.

          I know this life personally.  All business no play. All desire to reach without interruptions. The interruptions irk me. I curse at the internet if it takes more than a second to get to a website. I am beeping my horn ridiculously at drivers taking their time to drive safely. I am always in a rush. I get angry just to stop and relax because I am not someone who can relax. My mind runs at 1000 miles an hour. My face tells my story without me even opening my mouth. My history is written on my trunk. I am an enigma with an exclamation point. Others will call me crazy. But who isn't just a little bit that seeks more in life. I think we all have a bit of crazy in us. True or false?
Destiny was my fuel and navigating towards it was my drive. Wherever I turned whether I was navigating in the wrong or right direction played a role. My goal was far from clear and full of holes. I stalked the goal but without a firm grip on the solid foundation.  I never prepared an exit strategy. I never had in my mind the idea of saying goodbye to the mere chase and saying hello to the meteoric rise.
Instead, I was striding the long distance towards quicksand. I only paid attention to the idea that I was standing alone, shrouded in darkness and because of my egoism, I refused to request for help from anyone. I was meant to play the superhero role in my life. I was meant to powerfully walk into my own battles without being defined by falling weak into the hypnotic groove of need.

This is no mystery to the head of the receiver. The luxury of accomplishment is a wide view that not everyone is meant to hurry into. Some pedal to the medal with fleeting speeds and reach the gold without lingering around. Some suppress the yearning to see heaven and detach from their plan and then ultimately, the world. You know the drill! Faith is lost and you spend most of your time drowning in a fountain of tears and sputtering with rage at your social circle as opposed to the root problem that made you change your path. You become your strongest opposition and the only thing keeping you from changing your own world is the doubt that propelling forward so late in the game is the only thing that the deafening screams will be talking about as opposed to the special effects of actually completing what you started.
You see the world and all that is around you. Your peers are all enjoying the pleasures of buying sick homes and raising families. Their lives echo in your mind 

like Sunday church bells. And each passing landscape that catches your eye makes you sulk in grief because you regret your history. All you can feel are the wounds of the past and the silence of the world. Time keeps wearing away and then you suddenly realize that only you can change the script that is embedded in your mind. 

There can be no more time to define your geography by the beautiful mess of your adventures through history. Instead, take a saccharine walk through the old times and pay attention to the detail of the good things while also forgiving yourself for the bad. Start creating a version of your reality that aims you towards your sweet dreams. You can resolve the conflicts with your own self by wrapping your mind around the good in you and revering the person that you are. If the only thing constant in the world is change, change the way you look at it, releasing your rage and changing with the passage of time.
And so, now you are all bandaged and new, spreading your wings to soar high in the sky. You prayed for the strength and now you have it and are clinging to a new attitude. You realized exploring the possibilities of those planted ideas you once had must flourish. You start using your experiences as a source of light. Though everyone sees mystery wrapped around you, your personality starts to reverberate because you start thinking about more than just the here and now.
You were once numb from all the wounds of the past but presently, you are shrieking with joy. You start singing the praises of transformation. You took an un-mechanical approach and everything about it seems terrific. You found room to progress and all of a sudden life flows as beautiful as the silky blue sea.
Life is full of success and failures. But don’t let those alligators who love to see people fall keep you from going through it with a happy heart. They may sit there grinning at all you have yet to accomplish but remember that you can shake them into reality by continuing to make moves with a warm glow and without letting their opinions guide you. Paint the vision in your own mind that this is your walk and not anyone else’s.

And the moment arrives that you were aiming for. A touch of sadness fills your heart because of how long it took; so much that you do not even feel that you are worthy enough to celebrate your own accomplishment. Perhaps it is true that you may still feel a bit of alienation from those who only see your failure and their grandeur. Perhaps you are left feeling as small as a Pygmy, but don’t ever let that stop you from setting off for the hills.
Plans tumble because life happens. Life happens because you lived. It’s not about other people’s journey but the characteristics of your own. If you pay attention to the details of your history, you might realize how easy it was for you to fall into the decorative atmosphere of freedom. You may forget the reason you started your journey and thrust onto another path. You may even change the wave of your flow and clash with another person's ideal. Your hands were once full with trying to please everybody. You were once able to mesmerize a room of family members because you fulfilled their ideas of goodness. But once you cut the drone strings off and started going with your own pattern of drums, their behavior towards you changed because you no longer reflected their image of greatness. You became an abstract piece of art.
All the colors that life contains is a shade that adds detail to who you are. You look in the mirror and see a rainbow. Others look at your image and see the labyrinth. Let them be puzzled. I don’t know about you, but a good mystery is always interesting when trying to crack the code.

Keep expressing love. Take control of your mind. Approach life full-throttle. Enjoy the ride and don't stop pressing on in your own terms and with your own tempo. Life would be boring if everyone had the same song and dance. It's okay for your melody to be different. But make sure you add a dramatic element of change to your song by letting life climax and bridge in success, even if others do not approve of it by adding harmony to make your symphonic journey sweeter. Wrap your head around your dreams and keep pursuing those goals because the day will come when you get to the door of tomorrow, turn the knob to that foreseen place and you can say, finally. 


  1. pay attention to the detail of the good things while also forgiving yourself for the bad. Start creating a version of your reality that aims you towards your sweet dreams.-----love this sentiment. So much wisdom. Still, easier said than done I suppose.
    Flying even with bandaged wings. Praying for strength and discovering you have it. This is a wonderfully hopeful and uplifting piece.

    1. It is hard because sometimes we find it hard to forgive others. Now try to do it to our own selves for putting our own selves into situations. Not an easy thing. But it is even harder to get through life without any faith. Thank you. I love that you found this piece uplifting. Happy that you read it and also that you commented. Stay blessed.

  2. "All the colors that life contains is a shade that adds detail to who you are." Perfect summary of your writing piece. Embracing life, learning from our experiences, and reminding ourselves that life is a journey... not a race, can lead us to our dreams... finally! Loved your post.

    1. Thank you for your wonderful comment. That is life and all our experiences make us who we are. Taking it one day at a time. Thank you reading. Have a blessed weekend.