Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Ramblings of an Angry Driver

I am coming to terms with my truth. There is little hope left for me to open my arms wide and wrap them around the idea that bicycles and vehicles are supposed to share the same roads. I tried to get with the scope of it over and over again but still, you must understand my negative reaction to this craziness happening on the road. I want to get where I am going without any nonsense coming my way. It is not enough that I have to deal with always-in-an-accident taxi drivers, cutting me off in the center lane (just seconds of hitting me) to go to the far right lane to pick up a new passenger. 

I can admit that not everyone needs an expensive car that costs more to park a month than insurance. From the moment you purchase a car, its payment after payment after payment as if driving were an everyday need in New York City when both the buses and subways run 24/7. I swear I think that the city aims at drivers when trying to find ways to raise more money for construction jobs that always seem to be happening in the same exact spots for years without end.  Am I the only one complaining about paying $3 for ten minutes of parking time at 11:40PM at a munimeter that may or may not work? Somehow I think the city is trying to eliminate us drivers one by one; and yet, I still do not think I would surrender to a bicycle.

What I might do is walk more.  I’ve done it. 20 minutes of walking and you are a mile away from where you’ve started. 35 minutes of walking and you could be Downtown Brooklyn from Lower Manhattan. An hour of walking and from Wall street, you could be at 65th and Broadway. That is, if you are not someone who decides that the traffic laws do not matter and you can cross any old time that you feel like it. 
Okay, so what if my vision as a driver has been obscured and I do not see you crossing when the light is green for me? Might take you a few months of learning how to walk again before you get to that original destination if you get hit; especially if I start using a bicycle instead of a car and my clumsy, non-riding anal abyssmalistic-self starts riding like a person who needs training wheels, hits you while riding at 100 miles an hour, through signs, traffic lights and right in front of moving cars and perhaps into you.

Maybe I should just permanently park my car, stay home and do everything on-line. That would solve everything! OF course I am just crazy rambling. 

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