Sunday, June 12, 2016

Recycling New York City

Are you someone who lives in the life of the luxuries of things that you no longer use and are unwilling to let go of? Have you ever envisioned the possibilities of getting rid of some of those items that are just sitting as old, dusty furniture that you never use?

Recycling might be an authentic approach to making a world of difference in your living arrangements. Especially if you have items that have been sitting untouched for over a year. In reality, these things are completely ineffectual in firing your heart. Not having them would not diminish the peace in your world. But perhaps they could be an essential part of changing somebody else’s.
I attempted it fearlessly, retiring some of the many things I had collected over the years and allowed others to become as emotionally connected to them as I once had been. It turned out to be a stepping stone for me, clearing the clut and making room for my transition to a different phase of life.
Recycling actually can change the melody of your song. Recycling can take on a lot of different definitions in your lexicon. It depends on how you look at it and how you decide to carry on your interest of trying out this situation.

For instance, the old high line train that opened in 1934 in New York City and ran from Spring Street to 34th Street, has now been transformed into a park where people can walk, see cool recycled trees turned into cars, recycled rails along the path and take on New York City, from a higher level. 

Not only is the seating and 

beautiful scenery refreshing in this 

open expanse, but the siting of the 

old train tracks mingling with the 

grass and flowers that have been 

planted on this cool walk path. 

That is how you recycle the terraqueous.

Another example of a cool way to recycle is the Stop n Swap program that has been making melody in people’s hearts around New York City. You have something you want to give up but are not so sure you want to donate to those many people willing to pick up your old bags of clothes, bring it there and provide for the wants and the needs of others. 

I was surprised by the fact that I walked in, gave my old books, cds and clothes and was able to get books that I never expected I would ever have. I am thankful for the person who wanted to get rid of all their Jerome Kern sheet music books among many others because they became such a valuable part of my life. Somebody else’s junk becomes someone else’s treasure trove. That is what I call truly recycling clothing, books, appliances and all the many trinkets you've picked up along the years. 

If you are ferociously protective of everything you have, then take it one step at a time until you can let go of your old, unused things with a melancholy groove. But just remember that sometimes when you are cleaning out, you are making room for new blessings; so don't be afraid of letting go and be ready for those blessings when they come. 

Talk about Free in New York. Recycling at it's best!

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