Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Poettues: Love like you Love TV

I compare my love life to a few seasons of a thought provoking television show
I look at the box of photographs and remember how my love life flowed
There is no resting on accomplishments of great relationships that survived
There is none I can say that are worthy of veneration when I press rewind
I’m not altogether sure why some of them even happened
All I can say was maybe they were part of a fashion statement which trend started to decline
I find it hard to imagine that at one point, I thought being single was crazy
I put the emergency brakes on being alone because I thought that I couldn’t be happy
I would have preferred to be part of a rocky duet than to be on the solo tip
Even when from one to the next I was taken on a full of lies trip
Sometimes coming to an evening full of arguments was not worth the bother
There’s no full day’s wage in having to deal with BS and be left as a sobber
Perhaps in their thinking that they were more cultivated than I
They held on to those stupid ideas and knew more of how to buffoonery
They were truly gifted in knowing how to piss me off
They were especially different or crazy if you catch my thought

Turn then channel and there they would go
Off on another tangent like a bandit and you know that you are not capable of handling it
I mean, imagine getting lost in a room of screams for having a job
Or being a victim of someone else’s compulsions on repeat that never seem to stop
And the demand for the skill to be a real man never seems to stir the pot
And in the scorching heat of indecisiveness, you decide that it is not your lot
And then you look at the landscape of the past and get tangled in the truth
That you need to set the banner of true love based on your veritable value
Because there is no unit of analysis more genuine than how you love yourself
The surprising discovery you may find is that
if you don’t honor yourself how can somebody else
What is love you may ask
Sometimes you magnetically attract
Sometimes you get into a union that is right
Sometimes the ones you get into don’t last more than a minute of your life
Then you have those that do last under the belt of control
Each hit is considered love that make your wings of experience and tears unfold
And nobody ever can come in between though you walk around with all those love scars
Who said a black eye was a distress call if he can buy you the most expensive cars
Or those expensive cuffs that cost thousands to remove from your hands in a cell
Or those cops that decide to show up at your door with bad news and ring your bell
The most plausible explanation is that love cannot be defined
You have your definition and I have mine
An episode that left you mesmerized
Until the series finale when you realize it was not worth your time

All I say is that you should keep an open mind to hear the tones of true harmony when it comes
Every suitor has a suit for which it was destined to put on
Don’t try to speed up the process by getting
into the fashion before you are mentally ready though
There is always someone out there that you can meet who can move you for a while
That special someone that would love to hold you in the moonlight
Especially those who hide rings that show they have a family and children
Especially those who consider themselves players and slip into your bed and give you a lesson
Especially those who only play with your heart and don’t have it together themselves
Especially those who will take your humble care but if you need it wouldn’t provide their help
Or those who simply want to use you for what you can give
And then make your life somewhat unbearable to live
You can make two friends as lovers
But sometimes you can’t make lovers be friends with each other
You can fall into the trap of being the third in a company
And then result in messing up a happy family
You can even meet the one you thing is the one
But then lose them because you were not mentally ready to love that someone
So I say learn to love yourself in spirit and in truth first
It would be more valuable than any money you could have in your purse
So that when you hit the remote and the right one comes your way
You can be like those septuagenarians who are together forever and a day

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