Friday, August 12, 2016

Writers Reads worth the share

I remember when my teacher used to send us home in the summertime with an assignment to read ten books before we returned to school. 

    (From Mamakat writing prompt email

Imagine being a kid and all you want to do is play outside but instead, you are forced to stop all the fun and games to read. I didn't like it much back then, but now, I think I have read 20 already this summer.

My favorites so far are:

"This is How You Lose Her" 
by Junot Diaz
"God Help the Child" 
by Toni Morrison
by Junot Diaz
"I Would Die For You"
By Toure

My love for reading actually grew this year while researching to write my college thesis. But thank God for a passion that actually is good for me and for wonderful thoughts and memories to share. 

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