Thursday, February 16, 2017

Clumsillinia Needs a Remedy

The phrase goes something like this: "talk to the hand 
because the face ain’t listening." 

The saying is true for me today. 
My hand is in need of a really great conversation. 


I went from soft, inexperienced hand in 2016 to
- Sliced in half while peeling squash
- Deeply Stabbed with a box cutter 
while I was cutting boxes for recycling
-carpel tunnel because I still use a pen and paper to write epics
and lately I have been trying to play the piano more often and I have smaller hands than Gary Coleman.

and then the worst...

- I took a pot out of the oven, and just a few seconds later 
and without even realizing or considering 
how hot the metal would really be, 
I wrapped my hand around its metal handle 
and my hand fried in pain for the rest of the day. 

Is my hand trying to tell me something? I can't afford to hurt it anymore. Maybe my nickname is Clumsillinia and I didn't know it until today. Do I need to practice Ambidextronomy. That is a word; I made it up! It is in the new lexicon, 
The JNote Dictionary: the 2017 edition

So my question is...

Is butter an old wives tale or the real deal? What about vaseline; would it do the same trick? What is a great remedy to prevent all the skin on my hand that was severely burned from peeling?  My writing hand. My typing hand. My right hand hand. 

Any suggestions?


  1. I am a big believer in Vaseline and aloe for healing. Either are a great solution. Aloe with sooth as well.

    1. Okay. I have been putting vaseline on it. The only way to keep it from hurting so much.

  2. I was always told Vaseline and mustard. But I'm a big fan of aloe for healing.

  3. I am sorry to hear that happened. I keep a bottle of Aloe in the refrigerator for burns.

  4. Aloe is a good way to soother this burn. heal quickly.

  5. Oh my goondness your poor hand. It needs a break! I love aloe for burns and a good moisturizer for cracking

    1. Yeah! Thank you for the suggestion of aloe.

  6. My mom always has said to put a potato on it. (Sliced) I've done it before, but I'm not sure it works any better than these other things.

  7. I use tea tree oil on my burns. Your hand looks so sore. I hope you can heal up fast.

  8. Oh no! Your poor hand had been through a lot. I don't know what works but I hope you find a solution soon! I believe my mom said yellow mustard could help. haha.

    1. Yeah it has. Mustard? Someone else said that too. LOL!

  9. I am not sure how you can make it heal. I hope that it does start to feel better soon! You have had a lot of mishaps with it and our hands are so important.